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Leave town for a hackathon out of the ordinary

Hackaway is a weekend hackathon for creatives, designers and coders, ready to take on the challenge of building and launching new web services and apps.


Each Hackaway takes place at a unique and secret location.


Apply as an individual or as a team of up to three people. All you need to bring is your laptop and an open mind. Hackaway is free of charge.


We will leave central Stockholm at 10.00 on Friday, October 3rd. We will get back again at 20.00 on Sunday, October 5th.

Hackaway #2 - Radio and podcasts

For Hackaway #2 we are exploring the future of online radio and podcasts. We have teamed up with Sveriges Radio, Sweden's national publicly funded radio broadcaster. A few of the top brains at Sveriges Radio will join us and outline the trends that are shaping the radio landscape of tomorrow. If you want to you can build a service using their API.

There are only 40 spots. Last day to apply is the 12th of September.


Martina Elm

Food enthusiast that loves the web. Co-founder of Confetti, Nordic.js, Hackawayteam & STHLM Startup Hack

Ted Valentin

Founder and organizer of 24 Hour Business Camp. Web entrepreneur and coder currently developing, and many other sites.

Jonny Strömberg

Co-founder of Nordic.js, STHLM Startup Hack & Silarapp, organizer of Sthlm.js. Co-founder of Confetti. Ex lead designer and quote machine at Mynewsdesk.



Jeanette Eriksson @jnetski

A front-end and app developer with a keen eye for design and a big love for cats. Co-founder of Tjejsamlat.

Steve Ferris @thesteveferris

Producer and co-host for Startup Cabin Podcast, "Great Stories from European Startups." Producer and host of The Rad Daddy Family Drive Podcast, "Songs and Stories for the Road". Interested in producing more media and finding more creative outlets. Originally from Michigan/Indiana USA. Living in Sweden with my wife and three boys for 2 years, love it! Currently on pappa ledigt.

Anders Ekman @anders_ekman

Award winning project manager and team leader. Cook book writer and CEO of Raft - a digital calendar on happy pills (

Nicole Martini @epicmartini

A creative soul with roots from Lucca, Italy. A happy old dancer with an eye for design, and would never say no to chocolate.

Veronika Domova

Software developer with 6+ years of experience. Originally from Estonia, moved to Sweden to complete a computer science degree, but occasionally stayed for longer. Working for an industrial research center where developing innovative solutions for real problems involving latest hot technologies. Having also art education, keen on all kinds of arts and design.

Hannes Lilljequist @hannes_l

"Web developer with long experience building CMS based projects. Enjoys building smart tools on platforms like Ruby on Rails and Ember.js. Also likes running, web APIs, food, radio and music. Co-founder of SthlmConnection. Co-organized DrupalCamp Stockholm 2013. Participated in Stockholm Startup Weekend 2014."

Ninni Udén @ninniu

"Worked as a host in radio were I integrated webb and sociala media as a part of my radioshows and the way I worked and developed them. A mixture of human rights, journalism, communication, tech and innovation. Now working at Itera."

Johannes Edelstam @jede

Founder of Sthlm.js and co-founder of Confetti and Nordic.js. Cycler of bikes. First employee at Tink back in the day.

Tor Rauden Källstigen @torrauden

"Co-Founder of Opinion, the first easy to use podcasting studio for iOS. Composer and radio maker in Boeoes Kaelstigen. Previously founder of Loopcam and jeans maker in North Korea."

Henrik Lenberg @lenberg

Founder of Auxy - we build iOS apps for music creators. Previously early employee and platform guy at SoundCloud. Love music, product design and intense discussions.

Fredrik Gadnell @fgadnell

iOS coder, musician and co-founder of Auxy.

Stina Arnby @stinarnby

Communication strategist and project leader, former Hyper Island-student in love with team and dogs. Creator of HippD charger stickers. Interested in personal development and process methods, and of course very excited to meet new people!

Xue Mei @xuemeirhodin

Rhodin"27 year old multi-entrepreneur. Been running businesses since I turned 18. Business strategist and owner of Cedarwood and other ventures. Founder and co-host of Startup Cabin Podcast, we tell great stories o European startups and entrepreneurs. Lectures and holds workshops for Hyper Island and other schools and organisations. Can't stop learning. Triple diplomas. Educated at Stockholm International School of Business and Hyper Island. Bulldog-owner. Gaming- and business-nerd. Love building effective business models, marketing plans and brand strategies for my clients. Listen to at least 2-3 podcasts a day. "

Sara Ekholm @saraekholm

Strategist, feminist and human at the ad agency Volontaire. Determined advocate of reasonableness and common sense.

Malin Andersson @malinande

Web developer at SthlmConnection. Graduated from Stockholm University this June with a bachelor in Market Communication and IT. I have a passion for web design and really enjoy football!

Kalle Persson @kallepersson

iOS Developer at Spotify. Sometimes the host of hack tuesdays and always a huge fan of podcasts, terrible puns, and coffee.

Unn Swanström @unnderbar

A colorful UX designer doing her "examensarbete" at Aftonbladet. Likes spontaneous adventures, making juice and spray painting flea market finds.

Klara Sporrong @klarasporrong

24 years old from Umeå and studying the master program in Interaction Design at Umeå University. I’m a very active person who likes to keep myself busy at all times. Exploring and learning new stuff is in my opinion the best way of life, and of course I always try having as much fun as possible in the meanwhile!

Rebecca Meritz @rmeitz

Serious podcast addict. Serious chocolate addict. Serious programmer. All around very serious person.

Oivvio Polite @soundbraidapp

I'm a journalist turned developer, currently hard at work on my first product: Soundbraid, an online audio editor for storytellers.

Joakim Ekberg @kalasjocke

Hi, I'm Joakim, developer by day, coffee connoisseur by night. I enjoy building things with code and arranging things where people meet. In the past I've co-founded Wrapp, organised a few hackathons and now I’m one of the organisers behind sthlm.js. I believe in an equal tech scene where everyone is welcome. I also got a dog(e).

Mikael Zackrisson @zackrisson

Digital strategist, communicator, marketeer and father of two. Twenty years of experience in the media and internet industry, as journalist and builder of digital products such as Veckans Affärer and Internetworld. Works as marketing manager at digital agency Ziggy Creative Colony. Founder and producer of Sweden's leading podcast on digital entrepreneurship Startuppodden.

Stina Andersson

I'm an iOS and front end developer from Åland, totally addicted to soy latte. Loves food and cute cat GIFs.

Sofia Sundström @sofiasundstrom

Web developer and co-founder of SthlmConnection with a naïve hope of making a contribution to the improvement of human rights and human development by using web technology.

Louise Fasth @lolamcqueen

"Interface Developer - worked for servral yeas in the media industry at Bonnier with news sits as and blog portals for Veckorevyn, Amelia and Mama. Now I’m an consultant at Ziggy Creative Colony and working with Design, UX, concept and interface at Peas & Understanding where we just released a new iPad app."

Susanna Schild

Software Developer Independent Consultant. Enjoys working in intra- and entrepreneurial environments. In a team that is constantly trying to find new and innovative solutions to become better every day.

Ana Hristova

Former tester, now a quality conscious developer who likes solving problems. Web Developer at FundedByMe. When not sitting in front of a computer, enjoys swimming and traveling.

David Bergvik @davidbergvik

I'm an interaction design-student who loves a challenge, but won't eat a single slice of watermelon. When you don't see me keyboard-head-bashing or solving for X, I'm probably fly-fishing or doing stuff halfway around the world.

Sara Gärdegård @saragardegard

Professional daydreamer & ice cream enthusiast. Currently Jr. Designer at Universal Music.

Filip Johansson @filipjson

Filip Johansson is a former Hyper Island student currently working as Head of Technology at the digital production and innovation agency Apartment5. He is also a DIY enthusiast - hacks computers in the bedroom and builds guitars in the basement.

Annika Bäckström @annikabackstrom

Annika Bäckström is an art director working at digital production agency The Brewery. She creates with everything she can get her hands on and loves everything from instagram filters to wheel-throwing at pottery class.

Jacob Hamacher @jacobhama

Jacob is the head of web development at Sveriges Radio and responsible for SR:s Open API. He was one of the pioneers in the mobile apps industry as founder and CEO of the mobile startup eHand. Jacob has a passion for all aspects of development, and still does the occasional code commit.

Nevyn @nevyn

My real name is Joachim, but I call myself nevyn (fantasy gaelic for ‘no one’). I’m a cofounder of, a screen recording tool for iOS for UX and QA. I’m the biggest nerd you’ve met. I listen to Beck at least once a week. My Objective-C looks more like Ruby—is that good or bad?

Voxar @voxar

I'm Voxar but my mom calls me Patrik. For the past years I've been an iOS developer for Spotify.

Henrik Tornberg @henriktornberg

UX-designer for Sveriges Radio. Works with, api and appar. Been at SR since 2005. Previous titles: Digital concept developer, web editor, journalist, project leader, among others. 42 year old, likes space movices and beagels.

Jörgen Bang @jrg1bang

Web developer since 1995. Currently building digital things at Sveriges Radio. Thinking about seeking professional help for my obsession with my football team.

Tobias Löfgren @ugglan

Been faking web expertise since the dot-com boom of the 90's. Language agnostic, no-stack developer with strong opinions about pretty much everything. Also I like oatmeal.

Heidi Harman @heidiharman

UI/UX desiner at TV4, Founder of @geekgirlmeetup.

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