Leave town for a hackathon out of the ordinary

Hackaway is a weekend hackathon for creatives, designers and coders, ready to take on the challenge of building and launching new web services and apps.


Each Hackaway takes place at a unique and secret location.


Apply as an individual or as a team of up to three people. All you need to bring is your laptop and an open mind. Hackaway is free of charge.


We will leave central Stockholm at 17.00 April 11th. We will get back again at 17.00 on April 13th.

Hackaway #1 - Hack the news

For hackaway #1 we are teaming up with Schibsted, the leading media company in Sweden. A few of the top brains at Schibsted will join us and outline the trends that are shaping the media landscape of tomorrow. We will also be joined by some of the creative developers behind Aftonbladet.se, Politism.se & Omni.se.

Your team can also win a prize of 10.000, 5.000 or 3.000 sek.

There are only 40 spots. Last day to apply is the 21th of March.


Ted Valentin

Founder and organizer of 24 Hour Business Camp. Web entrepreneur and coder currently developing Cafekartan.se, SocialaNyheter.se and many other sites.

Martina Elm

Co-founder of Nordic.js & STHLM Startup Hack. Co-founder of Confetti. Ex community manager at Hyper Island that loves food and the web.

Jonny Strömberg

Co-founder of Nordic.js, STHLM Startup Hack & Silarapp, organizer of Sthlm.js. Co-founder of Confetti. Ex lead designer and quote machine at Mynewsdesk.



Jennifer Nordwall

My name is Jennifer Nordwall and I'm currently working as a backend developer at Rovio. I've been working as a software developer for 2.5 years now, and during that time I've managed to do everything from high-performance cloud computing in New Zealand to iOS development at SBS Radio. In my spare time I either work on my app, make cakes, drink beer or travel.

Pernilla Näsfors @pernillan

Pernilla Näsfors has a passion for all things open and social and works as an open data expert for the World Bank and Sida through her company Openhearted AB.

Marcus Ljungblad @mljungblad

I write code. Mostly in Java, Python, Scala, and Erlang, but occasionally I dabble in other languages and I don't see myself as a "one language to rule them all" type of guy. I feel comfortable working on the details under a shiny interface all the way up to the API, but I leave UI/UX work to people who are much better at it than me. Recently I spent three months in New York attending Hacker School.

Kelly Smith

A half American/half Swede raised in Key West Florida, educated in Stockholm and Uppsala with a masters in Computational Linguistics. Makes up 50% of the Stockholm based start-up Textual Relations.

Ted Valentin @tedvalentin

Founder and organizer of 24 Hour Business Camp. Web entrepreneur and coder currently developing Cafekartan.se, SocialaNyheter.se and many other sites.

Hillevi Hägglöf @gilleti

Data scientist in full swag text mode. Master's degree in language technology and co-founder of Textual Relations.

Petri Vilén @petrivilen

I’m Petri Vilén, a 26-year-old entrepreneur and design manager from in Helsinki, Finland. I started making multimedia games and websites at a very early age, and this hobby later became a profession. I started my first company at 15, and have been in digital media business since. I was also Head of Digital media at Slush conference last year, and now I'm helping companies innovate and develop new products. I’ve graduated as M.Sc. in Economics from Aalto University School of Business. I heard about this hackaway randomly and thought it would be a great way to work with new people. I’m really excited to get there and meet all of you! Read more about me at www.petrivilen.fi :)

Emil Stenström @emilstenstrom

Emil is a co-founder of Kundo and splits his time between scaling their relatively big Python/Django installation, and figuring out new business opportunities for Kundo. He has been part of several hackathons before, the first of which he built Kundo on.

Jeanette Eriksson @jnetski

A front-end and app developer with a keen eye for design and a big love for cats. Co-founder of Tjejsamlat and device manager/designer at Headweb.

Stina Andersson @anderssonstina

I’m a developer from Åland that loves cute animal GIFs and food (both cooking and eating). Currently an iOS/Wordpress developer at the small and friendly web agency Sunny at Sea in Stockholm.

Sara Gärdegård @saragardegard

I’m Sara Gärdegård, Creative & Designer who happens to love planning. About to graduate from Interactive Communication at Berghs school of communication. Curious about life & solving problems, believe in making things interested valuable together with design & innovation, love ice cream!

Jonatan Heyman @jonatanheyman

Developer who loves to build stuff.

Sebastian Höglund

Food loving renaissance man who’s currently putting all time and effort into music, film and photography at Höglund & Höglund.

Johannes Lundberg @londoncircus

Hacker-of-all-traits who hates bloat. Cofounder of 46elks. Vegetarian for life and passionate about hobby game development.

Ana Hristova @anhristova

Python enthusiast interested in Open Source projects. Developer @FundedByMe.

Filip Johansson @filipjson

Filip Johansson is a former Hyper Island student currently working as Head of Technology at the digital production and innovation agency Apartment5. He is also a DIY enthusiast - hacks computers in the bedroom and builds guitars in the basement.

Annika Bäckström @annikabackstrom

Annika Bäckström is an art director working at digital production agency The Brewery. She creates with everything she can get her hands on and loves everything from instagram filters to wheel-throwing at pottery class

Rebecca Meritz @rmeritz

Rebecca Meritz is lead developer at FundedByMe who loves languages both programming and natural. Often found on a rock or on a rink, she most definitely does not like any warm beverages, tea included.

Mike Burns @mikeburns

Director of thoughtbot Stockholm, where he writes Ruby, Haskell, and shell; encryption nerd, which has him write Go and Java; community and startup junkie, which has him co-organize sthlmrb, Sthlm Vim, Innovators, and The Classical Code Reading Group of Stockholm. Open source forever.

Chad Mazzola @ubuwaits

Director of Product Design at Klarna, where he leads a team designing better buying experiences. In Stockholm by way of Boston.

Patrik Sjöberg @voxar

Patrik Sjöberg, a 5 year old iOS developer, 30 year old human, working on Spotifys iOS client since 2.5 years. Enjoys all kinds of games and occasional winter sports. Best feeling is to finally understand something complex. Worst feeling is not getting to that point.

Oivvio Polite @oivvio

Oivvio Polite is an independent software developer with a background in journalism. During 2014 he's working on his first product: an online audio editor for doing radio documentaries.

Per Lindgren @lindgrendesign

Per Lindgren is the lead designer of Tink, and pushes every pixels towards perfection. Besides from that he enjoys a glass of wine and an iPad full of news to read.

Mattias Eriksson

Mattias Eriksson is a skilled developer from Keycrunch who handles every inch and row of code in what we do. When he’s not writing apps he loves to skydive and play with kittens.

Kikki Tham Sterner @thamsterner

Kikki Tham Sterner is a senior interaction designer from Creuna, who with razor sharp focus and creativity finds new ways to make your lives better, with apps. In her free time… sorry what?!

Jonny Strömberg @javve

Designer and engineer who will believes the world would be a better place if more people met and inspirered each other. Founded Confetti and organises Nordic.js. Ex lead designer and quote machine at Mynewsdesk.

Unn Swanström @unnderbar

Aspiring Interaction Designer who appreciates interior design, great coffee and beautiful code. Problem solving and pixel perfection balanced with travel and new adventures makes life worth living.

Astrid Kowalczyk @kwlczk

Born and raised in Belgium, working, living and having fun in Stockholm, Sweden. Studied Digital Data Strategy at Hyper Island. Founder of Beanerdcoffee and working as product manager at Zoundindustries. Passioned by design, business strategy, experiences, coding, cats and coffee.

Mårten Gustafson @martengustafson

Engineering Lead, Plan 3. I've spent the last 20 months establishing the team and technical platform that serves as the underpinning of Omni.

Henric Englund

"Fuck it, ship it" full stack developer, brewmaster wannabe and abuser of animated GIFs.

Tobias Ahlin @tobiasahlin

Designer at GitHub, developer at night. Fascinated by waffles, and otters.

Kalle Persson @kallepersson

iOS Developer at Spotify. Sometimes the host of hack tuesdays and always a huge fan of podcasts, terrible puns, and coffee.

Hanna Pettersson @hannapettersson

Creative by mind and tech by hearth. Currently working as a concept developer and visual designer at Rebel and Bird in Stockholm.

Sophie Uesson @shoffis

Chameleon who likes to create and manage projects. Interest in digital media, self tracking, music and traveling. Experience from Kaospiloterna, startups, agency and has a MA in digital media. Want to figure on exciting ideas and most have fun during Hackawayn!

Ilya Yudanov @Iyudanov

A 28 years multi-disciplined creative, storyteller and passionate problem solver with +7 years of experience in design, e-commerce, editorial design and traditional advertising. Designer/developer at Rebel and Bird.

Anna Lindstrand

Today I work as an Art Director at a digital agency in Stockholm and has spun around in the digital for nine years, the opportunities for interactivity and getting playing inventor almost every day, makes me remain. Before that I studied a uppskö with subjects at university, tested (very) different jobs and spent a few years with his own company where I made furniture and decor products in Asia.

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