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27 - 29 January

Leave town for a hackathon out of the ordinary

Hackaway is a weekend hackathon for creatives, designers and coders, ready to take on the challenge of building and launching new web services and apps.

What to build? 

The goal with Hackaway is for your team to build a simple web service or app related to travel. An important part of the concept is to build something that "stands on it's own". The focus is on execution, and creating something that is simple and actually works. In general, "Keep it Simple" is great advice for any hackathon. The hackathon lasts for 24 hours and everything you build during Hackaway will of course be owned by you. Friday is for socializing and making new friends, the hacking begins on Saturday morning and ends on Sunday morning.

After the hackathon, you'll be given three minutes to present your hack, after which we’ll name a winner. The winner of the hackathon will get the great honor and opportunity to represent Sweden at Y4PT, the Global transport hackathon in Montreal 2017. 

Here are the most important criteria you'll be judged by:

  • Is it innovative? 
  • Does it work? 
  • Is it live?

What to pack?

  • Bathing suit
  • Warm sweater
  • Pajamas 
  • Laptop
  • Charger


As Hackaway gets closer we’ll share more details, what more to pack for the weekend and what the meeting point on the Friday will be. Don’t hesitate to contact Martina at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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The Global transport hackathon in Montreal 2017.

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Johannes Edelstam

Designer, engineer & speaker. Co-founder of ConfettiNordic.js & sthlm.js. Co-organizer of Hackaway.

Martina Elm [email protected]

Entrepreneur, event organizer, speaker and food enthusiast who loves the web. Co-founder of Confetti, Nordic.js & Hackaway

Jonny Strömberg

Designer, engineer & speaker. Co-founder of Confetti & Nordic.js. Co-organizer of sthlm.js & Hackaway.

Ted Valentin

Entrepreneur & developer. Founder of KNACKERIET. Co-founder of Hackaway